Mar 23, 2010

Adobe releases Beta 2 of Lightroom 3

Since yesterdays rumors about Lightroom 3 Beta 2 release, and the incertainty from several web pages about wurther these rumors were true or not they withdrew the news. Among them were

Early today Adobe annouced the next step in the process of building a complete version of Lightroom 3.
The "Beta 2" has a few new functions built in. The most wanted: Luminance noise reduction is now reality, and it turns out to be as good as noise reduction can get after some tests. Some other news are the compability to add videos intro the library. No post processing is available on videos, yet. There are also some big changes under the hood of Lightroom 3, quicker loading, better overall raw image convertion and much much more. It's free to download at

Here follows a quick comparison with Luminance noise reduction turned on and off.

The last one is with Noise reduction turned on.
You probably don't see much difference on the web, but try it out yourself. You'll be surprised.
Remember that the preview doesn't show in fit view on normal screen mode. Press Ctrl+Shift+F to hide sidebars or just zoom in to a 100% to see the result.